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Conscious Compensation

Conscious Compensation

Sustainable compensation practices for impact enterprises

Expert Witness and Litigation Support

Our work with in the US legal system

Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation

We work with Boards and executive teams

Equity Compensation

Equity Compensation

Equity compensation is at the center of most of what we do

Employee Base Pay and Incentive Compensation

Pay for everyone in the organization, through and including executives and Board members, must be integrated


Going beyond the SEC’s notion of what an independent consultant is, we ensure that no matter who asks the question – the Board of Directors or Compensation Committee, CEO, CFO, VP of HR, a judge, or opposing counsel – the answer is the same. Our independence is rooted in the trust we develop from a reputation of integrity, not from our organization structure.

Some may think we’re a little too independent, such as when one can’t get us to say what one wants us to say. We usually don’t get additional work from those organizations, but sometimes we do because they know we don’t tell them what they want to hear, we tell them what they need to hear.  And many organizations value that.

Effective Equity: The Equity Compensation Blog

Compensation Expert Witness Blog


More than 30 years of experience with companies ranging from some of the world’s largest to the world’s smallest for profit, not for profit, and hybrid organizations means we’ve seen just about everything – and every time we think that, we face a compensation question for which there is no precedent.  That is our specialty.

We understand the complex interactions of business strategy, corporate finance, financial reporting, behavioral economics, and global business trends to solve specific compensation issues.

In a multidisciplinary technical field we integrate the ingredients to deliver value to you.


Compensation questions are not answered with survey data. We help organizations solve compensation issues that require new solutions.

Our ongoing work with entrepreneurs in the social impact startup space ensures we are exposed daily to some of the most innovative ideas, and most challenging compensation questions, in the world.

When we hear “no one else is doing that” we don’t hear a constraint, we hear an opportunity. Tell us your goal, articulate your perceived constraints, and let us show you some alternatives that may not have seen or heard before.